Policy Updates from India :”Housing for All by 2022″

Cabinet, recently passed “Housing for All” policy  on 17th June. One of the headline catcher numbers has been the shortage of “18.78 MN” houses. The method by which “‘shortage” is identified is important because it could focus on only quantitative indicators of occupancy and homelessness and forget qualitative indicators such as congestion, blighted and structurally … Continue reading Policy Updates from India :”Housing for All by 2022″

Slumdog Engineer: Sustainable Sanitation and Urban Development

There is a never ending chatter of honks, horns, and beeps from vehicles declaring urgency or simply exchanging pleasantries as my teammates and I are shuttled through busy downtown streets, linked between daily meetings or chauffeured to a magnificent landmark in one of India’s iconic three-wheeled automatic rickshaws. Apprehensive from the overcrowded streets filled with … Continue reading Slumdog Engineer: Sustainable Sanitation and Urban Development

Parting Thoughts..

We had an incredible learning experience in India, in part due to the amazing experts that we met, who gave us their valuable time and insights and in-part due to the truly interdisciplinary group which was motivated to understand the context of the policy better to propose apt recommendations. While, we were able to get … Continue reading Parting Thoughts..

Meeting with PAS

The Performance Assessment System (PAS), implemented at the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT University), is working to develop appropriate methods and tools to measure, monitor and improve delivery of water and sanitation in urban India. Our team met with researchers Aasim Mansuri and Dhruv Bhavsar to discuss Ahmedabad’s model for slum rehabilitation and … Continue reading Meeting with PAS